The Wrekin

next to which is the Ercall

The Wrekin is NOT a volcano!
However, some of the rocks do owe their origin to volcanic activity.

Just to the east sits the Ercall, now an extensive woodland but once a large quarry, within which can be seen the core of the hill with granophyre (a bit like granite) intruded into the surrounding volcanic rocks. Overlying this (towards the right of this view) are rather younger (Cambrian) sedimentary rocks, some of which have ripple marks formed by water currents in a shallow sea.

The Ercall

© Ercall quarry, photographed by MUBA, 2007-10-10

Below the display board shows how the Wrekin was formed.

Information about the formation of The Wrekin
The Wrekin

© The Wrekin, photographed by
The Stanage B&B