Shropshire LGS Locations

The Locally Important Geological and Geomorphological Site (LGS) information for Shropshire is hosted by the County Council’s corporate GIS.

An outline of the geological details and boundaries for each site can be accessed by the general public using Local View.

Clicking on this link will open a new window which shows the whole county in the form of a Natural Environment & Ecology Map.

Having opened Local View, next click on this symbol
and select ‘Raster Maps’ in order to reveal the 25k OS mapping.
Use the controls to change scale.

Next click on this symbol
to get select the GIS layers. Click on ‘Environment layers’ and tick ‘Local Geological Sites’ to reveal the extent of each LGS.


With the sites displayed, clicking on a specific site of interest will reveal further details.

If you zoom into the data then you may see apparent boundary inconsistencies such as sites extending across nearby roads. This is a consequence of the digitisation having been at 1:25k using base maps at that scale. There are inherent inaccuracies when such data is displayed at much larger scales, including the 1:500 scale which is what you see displayed when zooming right in on a specific location.

The identification number for each LGS (the “RIGS_ID”) enables cross-reference with a separate table providing further details for that site.

Please be aware that the display and listing of a site does not necessarily indicate public access. In all cases, prior permission should always be sought when wishing to visit any site on private land. Be aware that Shropshire is a rural county and that a landowner’s livelihood often depends on successful farming. This may mean that permission to visit may be withheld at particular times of the year, for instance when animals are about to give birth or crops are at a sensitive stage of development. You must respect the landowners’ wishes and at all times follow the Countryside Code.