Shropshire Geology

Shropshire Rocks introduces geological time and periods, along with how to determine the type of rock you may have discovered and the fossils to be found in Shropshire.

Why is Shropshire Important explains the great variety of geology to be found in the county and its significance in the development of geological science.

Top 20 Localities are sites that have been selected to show the main geological features of Shropshire. Each displays a major phase of landscape evolution (i.e. stratigraphic period) and will give you an insight into the makings of this county and what you can see as you travel around. All these sites are accessible to the public and the geology can be considered at any level.

A Shropshire Geotrail explores a wide range of Earth history via the extensive time range of the rocks of the county.

Trail Guides provides downloadable walks in areas of geological interest.

Rocks Make the Landscape are a series of leaflets available online, exploring Shropshire’s landscapes and how the rocks – the geology – are fundamental to their appearance.

Building Stones introduce the great variety of Shropshire stone used in local buildings and walls, and the quarries where these stones were sourced.

Local Geological Sites (formerly known as RIGS: Regionally Important Geological Sites) give information on all the sites of geological significance located within Shropshire. Note: these sites do not always have public access, unlike the Top 20 Localities.

Resources include Museums and Libraries where further information and help can be obtained.