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Rocks make the Landscape

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Around The Wrekin

The Wrekin is Shropshire’s iconic hill steeped in myth and legend. Two persistent myths are that it is an extinct volcano and the highest hill in Shropshire. The former has a grain of truth. The latter reflects the stature of the hill in people’s imagination.

Around The Wrekin - front page
Around The Wrekin - rear page

Carding Mill Valley

Spot clues to the 600 million year old history of the Long Mynd.
Consider how the Earth evolved since the rock you are walking over first formed.

Carding Mill Valley front page
Carding Mill Valley rear page

Church Stretton

From the remains of ancient volcanic activity at the top of Caer Caradoc and tightly folded strata of The Long Mynd with signs of ancient sea life and a long-since eroded plateau, to a dramatic valley carved in the hills.

Church Stretton front page
Church Stretton rear page

Ironbridge Gorge

From ancient tropical seas and equitorial forests to an Ice Age gorge at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

Iron Bridge front page
Iron Bridge rear page

Llanymynech Hills

The trail takes you on a 60 million year journey through the Carboniferous Period of geological time and shows how the rocks formed more than 300 million years ago lay the foundation for the present day landscape:
its shape, its wildlife and its past and present industry.

Llanymynech front page
Llanymynech rear page

Lyth Hill and Sharpstone

From a 550 million year old viewpoint to a big hole in the ground.

Lyth Hill front page
Lyth Hill rear page

Severn Valley

A trail from Bridgnorth to Highley.
From desert sands to glacial torrrents.

Severn Valley front page
Severn Valley Rear

Titterstone Clee and Clee Hill

From 300 million year old tropical swamps and volcanic activity to coal mines and quarries.

Titterstone Clee front page
Titterstone Clee rear page

Wenlock Edge

From tropical seas to a wooded escarpment.

Wenlock Edge front page
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Home > Shropshire Geology > Rocks make the Landscape