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Proceedings 9

Summary of papers

Toghill, P. (1990). Ten years of geology in Shropshire, p.1-3

A review of the first ten years of the Society’s existence and how it had been formed in the late seventies, going on to describe a number of topics that had been the focus of significant research during that period. These included the Precambrian/Cambrian boundary, the major faults, and the palaeogeography of the Iapetus Ocean.

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Russell, V. (1990). The geological controls on quarries, p.4-6

Summary of a talk describing the geological influences on quarrying utilising examples drawn primarily from quarries being actively worked within Shropshire.

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Brown, I.J. (1990). The ironstone mines of Shropshire, p.7-9

Summary of a talk describing the occurrence of ironstone within Shropshire and the methods by which it was mined.

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Wilson, R.C.L. (1990). Earth Sciences and the National Curriculum, p.10-12

Summary of a talk describing development of earth science within the National Curriculum. The exploration of science is largely content free, as is the nature of science which depends on concepts rather content. Earth science is a good vehicle for carrying these ideas forwards, referring to how science has progressed, how it relates to society, how scientific ideas have changed through time, and the perception of science in other cultures.

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Walton, J. (1990). Karakoram, p.13-15

Summary of a talk to describe the work of the surveying team that part of the International Karakoram Project which was undertaken to celebrate the Royal Geographical Societys 150th anniversary.

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Fletcher, C.J.N. (1990). Modern regional mapping in Central Wales, p.16-19

Summary of a talk to describe the recently begun mapping by the BGS of the Lower Palaeozoic basin of Wales, an area of interest because it contains a variety of turbiditic sediments, it is deformed, but not intensively, it has been subjected to low grade metamorphism, and contains mineralisation although there are very few igneous intrusions.

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Butler, J.B. (1990). A review of the tectonic history of the Shropshire area, p.20-34

A review of the tectonic data available for Shropshire, relating this to information which has become available from the exploration of the north-west continental shelf.

The tectonic history of Shropshire records short bursts of compression producing folding and wrench faulting as a result of continental collision, followed by longer periods of tension, deposition and reversal of movement along the wrench fault system.

The County lies upon the Midland Block, comprising Longmyndian and Charnian rock to which was accreted Island Arc volcanics and related sediments along the line of the Pontesford Lineament in the late Precambrian. The so-called Caledonian grain was determined at this time and was reactivated many times subsequently.

Sediments were folded during the Taconic pulse in mid-Ordovician, and then continental collision along the Iapetus suture in mid-Devonian intensified the Caledonian grain. At the end of the Devonian, collision occurred to the south of the Midland Block. Pulses during the Carboniferous produced the Hercynian basins and welded the continents into one super-continent: Pangea.

Break-up of Pangea was followed by a taphrogenic regime with rifting (Cimmerian) in the Permo-Triassic and early Cretaceous. Compressive forces operated at the end of the Cretaceous with reactivation of old wrench faults.
Finally, Styrian compression inverted the Weald-type basins and most likely elevated the Welsh Massif at the same time, some 10 million years ago.

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