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Proceedings 5

Summary of papers

Bassett, M.G. (1986). Silurian to Scandinavian, p.1-3

The account of a lecture describing the Anglo-Baltic area, which formed a single faunal regime in Silurian times. The principles used in correlating Silurian rocks across that area are discussed in terms of the types of rocks and fossils present.

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Pannett, D. (1986). The geomorphology of the Stiperstones area, p.4-6

The account of a lecture describing the geomorphology of the Stiperstones area within the South Shropshire Hills.

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Torrens, H.S. (1986). The biology of ammonites, p.7-8

The account of a lecture describing the evolution and occurrence of ammonites.

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Jenkinson, A. (1986). Geology and conservation, p.9-10

The account of a lecture describing the development of geological conservation.

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Dolamore, L. (1986). Field Meeting Report: Charnwood Forest, led by Anthony Evans 18 May 1985, p.11-17

The purpose of the field meeting was to visit key exposures within the Precambrian inlier of Charnwood Forest, at Bradgate Park, Woodhouse Eaves and Beacon Hill.

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Smith, D.M. (1986). Shropshire Observed, p.18

An account of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Shropshire and North Wales Natural History and Antiquarian Society. This was celebrated by a morning of talks and an afternoon of walks, organised to recreate the Victorian spirit of enquiry in the environment.

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Addison, K. (1986). Arctic to Alpine Snowdonia, p.19-20

The account of a lecture describing the Late Quaternary evolution of Snowdonia.

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