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Summary of papers

Crump, L. & Donnelly, R. (1994). Coal mining: a unique opportunity at Clee Hill, p.1-53

Clee Hill Quarry is an active hardstone (dolerite) quarry in Carboniferous Coal Measures which have been intruded by a thick (ca. 60 m) conformable fine-grained olivine-dolerite sill.

The whole sequence is now folded into a broad synclinal structure and is extensively faulted. The area is blanketed by glacial deposits, 2-12 m thick. Historically, quarrying operations have been closely allied to the geological structure being confined to the margins of the syncline where the dolerite is devoid of overlying Coal Measures.

In 1973 a programme was undertaken to assess the viability of using Coal Measures material for the production of lightweight aggregate. This programme was initiated because virtually all remaining, albeit substantial, planned reserves of dolerite were overlain by considerable thicknesses of Coal Measures and glacial deposits. Initial results from a technical viewpoint were encouraging. The project was eventually begun and the mining phase, including the major restoration works, was completed in July 1992.

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Woodcock, N. (1994). The Welsh Borderland Fault System – still active after 600 million years, p.4-6

The Welsh Borderland Fault System comprises three major strands: the Church Stretton Fault, the Pontesford Lineament and the Towy Lineament. In the latter two cases the fault zone exists at depth and is represented at the surface by alignments of topographic features and surface structures. The general alignment of the system is due to its having had its major period of movement in Caledonian times. Evidence is presented to demonstrate that there may have been a lot more movement on these faults that was previously appreciated.

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Boardman, L. (1994). Recent developments in coal mining, p.7-9

An overview of the kinds of exploration techniques which have developed during the 1980s and 1990s for coal mining, notably drilling, coring and seismic geophysics.

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Ixer, R. (1994). The role of petrography in archaeology: ores, pots and stones, p.10-13

An indication of what can be done with ordinary petrographic studies on thin sections to assist the archaeological study of pots and smelted metals, including attempts to provenance items.

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Henthorn, D.I. & Henthorn, B.J. (1994). Diamonds: geology and gems, p.14-18

An overview of the occurrence, exploration and production of diamonds and the manner in which these minerals are developed as gems.

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Palmer, T. (1994). Hard bottoms, p.19-21

Hard sea bottoms arise on the sea floor when soft sediment, the majority being of terrigeneous origin, includes grains consisting of calcium carbonate which eventually lithify to form limestone. The grains are either precipitated directly from sea water or, more commonly, from organisms.

Hardgrounds may at first sight appear to be an unusual and esoteric phenomenon, but in practice their study is able to extend consideration in time and scale of large-scale climatic and chemical processes, and on evolution patterns.

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Farr, K. (1994). Field Excursion to Preston Brockhurst and Bridgnorth, led by David Thompson 5 September 1993, p.22-25

The purpose of the field meeting was to introduce the variety of Permo-Trias ‘red bed’ geological features outcropping within area of Preston Brockhurst and Bridgnorth.

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Beale, S. (1994). Field Excursion to the Clee Hills, led by David Gossage 27 June 1993, p.26-27

The purpose of the field meeting was to introduce the variety of Carboniferous geological features outcropping amongst the Clee Hills.

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Beale, S. (1994). Geological Extravaganza on Wenlock Edge 16 May 1993, p.28

The Society organised a “Geological Extravaganza” at Much Wenlock to celebrate the exciting new geological exhibition at the Museum.

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