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Condover Quarry

Condover Quarry is excavated in some of the newest rock in Shropshire. They are mainly sediments from the last Ice Age.

It was in this area that the remains of three woolly mammoths were found (one adult and two juveniles).

Home of the Shropshire’s very own Woolly Mammoth, the bones of this giant creature were found sticking out of the sand and gravel pit back in 1986. The mammoth has been dated at 12,700 years old, making it one of the last surviving mammoths in England. You can see a model of the mammoth skeleton at the Secret Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms, along with a reconstruction of how it might have lived.

Condover Quarry

Condover Quarry – GEOMORPHOLOGY

The area around Condover is littered with evidence of an ice sheet having covered this area during the last Ice Age.  Some of the features are similar to those further north around Brown Moss.

Coundbrook Valley
Condover Quarry – FOSSILS

It was in the Condover area that the Shropshire Mammoth was found.  This huge animal was alive during the last ice age when this area of Britain was covered in an ice sheet.  It had got trapped in an area of soft ground and was not able to escape.  It died and was at some point covered by sand which helped to preserve its bones.

Condover Quarry – INDUSTRY

The industry of this area is based around the sand and gravel that was deposited during the last iceage. This has many uses.

Sand and gravel from Condover Quarry

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