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To help your understanding there is a glossary of terms that may be new to you.

This section of Shropshire Geology will give you an insight into the makings of the county and what you see as you travel around Shropshire. It is based on 20 localities. The pages for each locality follow a pattern using elements that will now be explained:


Timeline.  Each colour sector represents a period of geological time. The tilted out sector represents the age of the rocks associated with the locality. Hover your mouse over the question mark to see how old the rocks of the locality are and what the environment was like at the time that they were deposited. Click on the image to go to the Geological Time page which will tell you more about this, in what is known as the Stratigraphic Column.


Fossil icons:  These icons represent each of the main fossil groups. Only icons for those fossil groups that will be found at the selected locality will be shown on its introduction page. Click on these fossil icons at any time to go to the general fossil page to find out more about that group of animals.


There are then up to three other pages for each area giving information on Geomorphology, Fossils or minerals, Industry and Itinerary. This last page will give you a map and information about where to go in the field to see the best bits.


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