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There is a wealth of features to see within Shropshire, representing 11 out of the 12 geological periods. Because of this variety it has been a teaching ground for geologists of all levels since the days of the pioneers such as Murchison, Lapworth and Cobbold.

The geology of Shropshire is more varied than any other area of comparable size in Britain and possibly the rest of the world. There is the dramatic and obvious 'geology' such as the tors of the Stiperstones as well as the more understated features such as the Meres which are still geological even though 'rock' is not actually visible.

The following pages introduce 20 sites that have been selected to show the main geological features of Shropshire. Each displays a major phase of landscape evolution (i.e. stratigraphic period) and will give you an insight into the makings of this county and what you see as you travel around.

These sites are accessible to the public and the geology can be considered at any level.



To see where these sites are, click on this map in the general area of where you want to look:


 northern Shropshire


 southern Shropshire



Alternatively you can click here to see an illustrated table listing all 20 sites.


Remember, to help your understanding there is a glossary of terms that may be new to you as well as links to further information about fossils or other features that are referred to. For information on other aspects of Shropshire geology please look at the links provided. These can be found at any time by clicking on the icon at the top right of each page.


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