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History of the Shropshire Geological Society  
The Society





The Society was formed in 1979 following a series of meetings by a 'Steering Group' and two field trips, each attended by over 30 people.  The general public were spurred into attending an open meeting on April 4 that year to discuss the possibilities of forming a Society and to exchange ideas on what such a Society would do.  Obviously this meeting was a success: the Inaugural Meeting of the Society was held on September 19 at College Hill House, Shrewsbury.

The Society is a Charity (Registered Number 1098511) operating under Charity Commission Rules.

The objectives of the Society are to advance the education of the public and to promote research in geology and allied sciences, more specifically in Shropshire and adjacent areas, in particular but not exclusively by: (a) organising lectures, discussions, field excursions, exhibits and displays, and (b) promoting the recording and conservation of sites of geological interest.

Meetings, lectures, discussions, projects, fieldtrips and displays have continued throughout the last three decades with support and enthusiasm from those who have an interest in the subject, including amateur geologists, school teachers, local authority staff, and professional geologists.

A quarterly Newsletter is produced with news and other brief items relating to all aspects of geology and the activities of the Society.  More substantial articles are published in the Proceedings.


Contacting the Shropshire Geological Society:

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