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Table of Disused Quarries  
Building Stones
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The County has many disused quarries which may yield potential sources of stone, subject to landowner (and possibly planning) permission. During medieval times almost every settlement had a small quarry to supply local needs, for building the church, manor house and more important vernacular buildings, and sometimes a delf for producing stone slates. The majority were unrecorded and are now degraded to the extent that they may be unrecognisable. Subsequent changes in land ownership and usage may well render such sources inaccessible.

Click here for a map giving an indication of the general distribution of disused quarries within Shropshire, marked with red dots.

The recording of disused quarries does not imply accessibility or suitability. It should be realised that any disused quarry might have been used for landfill and may have been backfilled entirely. Old quarry faces are rarely maintained and may be in a dangerous state of instability. Furthermore, quarries are often poorly drained and the floors may be very boggy; lakes may be very deep and cold. Do not trespass.

It is strongly recommended that the owner's permission be sought before visiting any potential quarry and the feasibility and quality of available stone assessed, to ensure compatibility with existing material and assurance that sufficient new material can be supplied within the timescale of the project. There can be considerable variation within a single quarry, depending on the bed(s) that can be worked.

The identification of historic quarries must not be construed as a presumption in support of future working. Circumstances change over time and many of the best historical sources of supply are now in sensitive or statutorily protected areas (e.g. SSSI's) where it may be difficult to obtain planning permission.

A lot of these sites have become re-vegetated and may contain features of ecological value. Furthermore, many old quarry sites and particularly the smaller ones may now no longer be clearly recognisable as quarries due to erosion, vegetation, and sometimes infilling.

It should be realised that Landowners may be sensitive to old quarry sites being considered as potential sources of supply, and may not welcome enquiries for access, inspection or potential for reworking.

Some sites are of particular geological interest regionally (RIGS) and formally recorded by the County planning authority. More detail is available on LocalView, displayed in map form. If you know the name of the site, or a keyword that can be searched for, then many of Shropshire's RIGS, LIGS and SSSIs can be retrieved from this table.

You may also wish to consider the use of recycled stone, recovered from demolished buildings in the vicinity.

Due to potential issues regarding accessibility or suitability, a comprehensive table of recorded disused quarries cannot be presented here. The map provides a general indication of distribution, and individual records are held on the County Sites and Monuments Register.

Below is a selection of the more important historical quarries (most of which are of particular geological interest regionally (RIGS) and formally recorded by the County planning authority).



Grid Ref.

Stratigraphy and principal building stone


All Stretton
All Stretton Buxton Quarry - All Stretton SO 459 955 Precambrian: Stretton Series: Stretton Shale Group; Buxton Rock; Burway Group. 1128
Alveley Alveley Grindstone Quarry

 SO 758 848

Late Carboniferous providing exposures of red sandstones of the Keele Formation. -
Bettws-y-Crwyn Rhyd-y-Groes SO 200 814 Silurian; Clun Forest Formation 1355
Bishop's Castle
The Wintles Bishop's Castle SO 323 93 Silurian; Bailey Hill Formation -
Bitterley Upper Lydwyche Quarry   Devonian: Lower Old Red Sandstone: Ditton Series (Lower Group). -
Bitterley Radar Quarry (formerly East Quarry) - Titterstone Clee SO 596 778 Dolerite (Upper Carboniferous) intruded into Carboniferous Coal Measures 1217
Bourton Lilleshall Quarry entrance SO 579 971 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Much Wenlock Formation: Reef facies; and Wenlock Limestone. 944
Bromfield Wigmore Road; Mortimer Forest Geology Trail   Silurian: Lower Whitcliffe Beds -
Burwarton Clee Burf - Burwarton SO 593 843 Dolerite above Coal Measures. 1216
Cardington Comley Quarry - Cardington SO 484 965 Cambrian: Lower Comley: Lower Comley Sandstones and Limestones. 974
Cardington Yell Bank - Chatwall SO 513 973 Ordovician: Caradoc Series: Chatwall Flags and Sandstone. 925
Chirbury with Brompton
Chirbury with Brompton Kinton Quarry

SO 290 995

Ordovician: pre-Lower Llandovery Caradocian dolerite intrusion 31
Chirbury with Brompton Whittery Quarry - Chirbury SO 274 981 Ordovician: Caradoc: Whittery Volcanics and Shales. 413
Church Preen
Church Preen Church Preen Quarry SO 542 977 Silurian: Llandovery Series: Kenley Grit 930
Church Stretton
Church Stretton Wiresytch Quarry - Church Stretton SO 446 914 Ordovician: Harnage Shales; Longmyndian: Wentnor Series 1110
Church Stretton Burway Quarry   Precambrian: Longmyndian: Burway Group -
Church Stretton Botvyle Quarry SO 473 958 Silurian: Lower Ludlow Shales and Aymestry Group. 1144
Church Stretton Willstone Road Quarry SO 475 947 Cambrian conformable junction between dipping Lower Comley Sandstone and Wrekin Quartzite 1149
Church Stretton Cardingmill Valley (Church Stretton) SO 449 943 Precambrian;  Longmyndian;  Burway Formation 1400
Cleobury Mortimer
Cleobury Mortimer Barnsland Farm nr Cleobury Mortimer SO 665 743 Silurian; Pridoli Series; Downtonian Stage 1407
Clun Bicton (NNE) - Clun SO 292 833 Silurian: Clun Forest Formation 1044
Clun Colstey (Bury Ditches W) SO 305 839 Silurian: Cefn Einion Formation. 196
Clun Rock of Woolbury - Clun SO 314 797 Silurian: Cefn Einion Formation (upper part) 1049
Clungunford Shelderton Rock SO 418 778 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Aymestry Group. 144
Colebatch Colebatch (W) - Bishop's Castle SO 315 874 Silurian: Bailey Hill Formation 200
Culmington Norton Camp Wood SO 444 811 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Aymestry Group 338
Dawley Hamlets
Dawley Hamlets Doseley Quarry SJ 675 068 Lower Carboniferous: Dinantian: Little Wenlock Basalt. 834
Diddlebury Moorwood Scarp - Strefford Wood SO 453 856 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Tickwood Beds and Wenlock Limestone 354
Diddlebury Upper Westhope (S) SO 479 864 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Aymestry Group 376
Easthope Easthope; Limekiln Rough   Silurian: Wenlock Series: Much Wenlock Formation: Wenlock Limestone (non-reef) -
Eaton Constantine
Eaton Constantine Eaton Constantine SJ 592 064 Upper Carboniferous: Upper Westphalian: Coed yr Allt Beds. 873
Eaton under Heywood
Eaton under Heywood Soudley Quarry SO 477 918 Upper Ordovician: Caradoc Series: Horderley (Soudley) Sandstone Formation: Alternata Limestone Formation: Cheney Longville Formation. 977
Edgmond The Rockhole SJ714194 Permo-Trias: Chester Pebble Beds. 1332
Edgton Ridgeway Hill SO 397 865 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Edgton Limestone. 258
Farlow Oreton Quarry SO 651 807 Carboniferous Limestone of upper part Z zone 1223
Frodesley Lawley (NE)   Precambrian: Uriconian Volcanics -
Great Ness
Great Ness Nesscliffe Hill SJ 385 019 Triassic: Sherwood Sandstone Formation: Wilmslow Sandstone; and Helsby Sandstone (Ruyton Sandstone). 1276
Grinshill Grinshill Quarries SJ 523 238 Triassic: Sherwood Sandstone Group (Grinshill Sandstone Member) and Mercia Mudstone (Tarporley Siltstone Formation and Bollin Mudstone Formation). 1272
Hope Bowdler
Hope Bowdler Hazler Quarry - Hope Bowdler SO 463 924 Precambrian (Uriconian Volcanics); Ordovician (Caradoc Series: Harnage Shales) 915
Hopesay Onny Valley SO 412 861 Unconformity between Ordovician (Caradoc: Hoar Edge Grit) and Precambrian (Longmyndian). 290
Hopton Castle
Hopton Castle Hopton Park - Hopton Castle SO 358 777 Silurian: Bailey Hill Formation. 85
Hughley Knowle Quarry - Wenlock Edge SO 585 977 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Much Wenlock Limestone Formation. 912
Lilleshall & Donnington
Lilleshall & Donnington Lilleshall limestone quarries SJ 734 165 Lower Carboniferous: Dinantian: Visean: Carboniferous Limestone. 911
Little Wenlock
Little Wenlock Maddock's Hill Quarry SJ 645 087 Ordovician: Tremadoc: Shineton Shales; intruded by Camptonite. 1024
Llanfair Waterdine
Llanfair Waterdine Bwlch to Cwm-cold SO 240 778 Silurian; Bailey Hill Formation 1366
Llanybodwel Dolgoch Quarry SJ 277 245 Lower Carboniferous Limestone 851
Llanymynech & Pant
Llanymynech & Pant Llanymynech and Blodwell Rocks SJ 269 220 Lower Carboniferous: Carboniferous Limestone: Lower Limestone. 1348
Llanymynech & Pant Blodwell Quarry SJ 257 229 Carboniferous keratophyre. -
Llanymynech & Pant Nantmawr Quarry   Carboniferous Limestone. -
Ludford Poughnhill (Tinker's Hill/Caynham Camp)

SO 538 734

Silurian; Ludlow Series; Whitcliffe Formation 1384
Ludlow Dinham Quarry - Ludlow SO 505 746 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Whitcliffe Beds. 178
Ludlow Whitcliffe Main (W) SO 506 744 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Whitcliffe Beds. Predominantly grey calcareous siltstone. 707
Ludlow Ludlow (Fishmore Road Quarry) SO 513 755 Silurian; Pridoli Series; Downtonian Stage. Predominantly reddish brown mudstone with thin sandstone. 1406
Lydbury North
Lydbury North Stank Lane quarry - Lydbury North SO 349 872 Silurian: Bailey Hill Formation. 215
Mainstone Black Bank (Maesggwyn) SO 228 881 Silurian; Knucklas Castle Formation 1361
Mainstone Dolfawr (Lower & Middle) SO 257 888 Silurian;  Ludlow Series;  Bailey Hill Formation 1401
Minsterley Callow Hill Quarry   Ordovician: Hope Group -
More Ridge Quarry (old) SO 323 933 Ordovician: Hope/Stapeley Beds of Llanvirn Series; intruded by dolerite/gabbro) 1051
More Tasker Quarry - More SO 325 956 Ordovician: Llanvirn: Stapeley Volcanics Group and Stapeley Shales. 43
Much Wenlock
Much Wenlock Wenlock Edge (N) (Edgefield Quarry) SJ 608 001 Silurian: Wenlock Limestone (reef facies) 807
Much Wenlock Shadwell Quarry - Much Wenlock SJ 626 009 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Much Wenlock Limestone. 883
Much Wenlock Farley Quarry - Gleedon SJ 628 016 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Wenlock Limestone and Reef. 884
Newport Weald Moors   Holocene; peat -
Onibury Onibury - Hale Bank Quarry SO 453 794 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Upper Ludlow Shales. 158
Oswestry Rural
Oswestry Rural Sweeney Mountain (west ridge) SJ 277 256 Upper Carboniferous: Millstone Grit: Cefn-y-Fedw Sandstone. 852
Oswestry Rural Racecourse Quarry - Oswestry. SJ 256 298 Carboniferous: Namurian: Cefn-y-fedw Sandstone (Millstone Grit) 1000
Pontesbury Poles Coppice - Pontesbury SJ 390 046 Ordovician: Arenig Series: Shelve Group: Stiperstones Quartzite. 62
Ruyton-XI-Towns Ruyton Cliffe (S) SJ 393 220 Triassic: Keuper Series: Ruyton Sandstone. 1261
Shelve Mucklewick Hill (SW) SO 328 966 Ordovician; Llandeilo;  Hope Shale Formation; Hyssington Volcanic Member 1399
Sibdon Carwood
Sibdon Carwood High Wood (N) (Longville Plantation south) SO 412 851 Ordovician: Caradoc: Chatwall Sandstone. 289
Stanton Lacy
Stanton Lacy Whitbatch SO 519 778 Devonian: Dittonian: Old Red Sandstone. -
Stokesay Norton Camp Wood scarp SO 447 822 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Lower Ludlow Shales or Aymestry Group. 344
Stokesay View Edge Quarries SO 426 807 Silurian: Ludlow Series: Aymestry Group. 13
Stottesdon Raggits Quarry   Carboniferous -
Stowe Lurkenhope - Stowe SO 288 742 Silurian: Ludlow Series. 72
The Gorge
The Gorge Lincoln Hill - Ironbridge SJ 670 040 Silurian: Wenlock Series: Benthall Beds. 904
The Gorge Lincoln Hill - Ironbridge SJ 673 040 Upper Carboniferous: Lower Coal Measure Sandstone overlying Silurian: Wenlock Series: Benthall Beds. 906
Tibberton & Cherrington
Tibberton & Cherrington Shray Hill - Cherrington SJ 656 193 Permo-Trias: Chester Pebble Beds. 1330
Uffington Ebury Hill - Uffington SJ 545 165 Precambrian: Wentnor Group: Bayston-Oakswood Formation: Darnford Conglomerate. 847
Upton Magna
Upton Magna The Criftin

SJ 551 138

Precambrian; Longmyndian; Stretton Group undivided of Haughmond Hill 1378
Wellington Ercall Hill SJ 643 096 Precambrian: Uriconian Volcanics. Cambrian: Wrekin Quartzite: Comley Beds 1022
Wentnor Green Farm - Wentnor SO 386 932 Precambrian: Longmyndian: Wentnor Series: Bridges Group 1294
Westbury Quarry Woods SJ 365 087 Carboniferous; Upper Coal Measures; Westphalian C; Coed yr Allt Beds. 1376
Wheathill Beson Farm Quarry   Devonian: Old Red Sandstone: Dittonian Series -
Whitchurch Whixall Moss   Holocene: peat -
Wistanstow Longville Plantation (S) SO 410 852 Ordovician: Caradoc: Chatwall Sandstone and Chatwall Flags. 283
Wistanstow Horderley Quarries (Milestone) - Wistanstow SO 415 859 Ordovician: Caradoc: Chatwall (Horderley) Sandstone. 301
Wistanstow Cwm Head Road Quarry   Precambrian: Wentnor Series. -
Wistanstow Woolston Quarry   Ordovician: Chatwall Sandstone (adjacent to Alternata Limestone) -
Worfield The Hermitage - Bridgnorth SO 728 934 Permian (Bridgnorth Sandstone) and Lower Triassic (Kidderminster Conglomerate). 842
Worfield Rindleford Quarry SO 738 956 Lower Triassic: Kidderminster Conglomerate. Mostly the sandy facies 955
Worthen & Shelve
Worthen and Shelve Hope Valley - Worthen SJ 342 015 Ordovician (Hope Shales) and Silurian (Llandovery Venusbank Formation). 22
Worthen and Shelve Meadowtown Quarry   Ordovician: Llandeilo Series: Meadowtown Member. -
Worthen and Shelve Stapeley Hill (SE) - Worthen with Shelve SO 310 982 Ordovician: Llanvirn Series: Hope Group; Stapeley Volcanic Formation; Shelve Formation; Stapeley Volcanic Member. 1306
Wrockwardine Lawrence Hill (Forest Glen) Quarrry SJ 640 093 Precambrian: Uriconian Volcanics. 827
Wroxeter & Uppington
Wroxeter & Uppington Charlton Hill SJ 589 075 Precambrian: Uriconian Volcanics 872
Herefordshire Aymestrey Main Quarry   Silurian: Upper Bringewood Beds (Aymestry Limestone); Lower Leintwardine Beds. Stratotype for Aymestry Limestone -
Herefordshire Church Hill Quarry ('Starfish Quarry'); Leintwardine   Silurian: Ludlow Series: Lower and Upper Leintwardine Beds -
Herefordshire Mocktree Quarries; Todding; Leintwardine   Silurian: Ludlovian: Upper Bringewood and Lower Leintwardine -
 Radnorshire Knucklas Castle   Silurian: Ludlovian Knucklas Castle Beds. Type locality for Silurian Knucklas Castle Beds . -
 Radnorshire Craig-y-don Wood   Silurian: Ludlovian Knucklas Castle Beds. -
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