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Map of Working Quarries  
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This map enables you to locate working quarries within Shropshire, marked with red dots. Hover over a dot to reveal further details.

Click here to display a table of contact details of these working quarries.

RIGS 1407 Barnsland Farm nr Cleobury Mortimer RIGS 1999  Bayston Hill Quarry RIGS 1999  Bromfield Sand & Gravel RIGS 1999  Buildwas Sand Quarry RIGS 475  Callow Hill Quarry RIGS 1999  Caughley Quarry - Broseley RIGS 1999  Clee Hill Quarry RIGS 1999  Coates - Much Wenlock RIGS 1999  Condover Sand Quarry RIGS 1999  Criggion RIGS 1192  Delbury Quarry RIGS 1999  Donnington Wood Quarry - Broseley RIGS 884  Farley Quarry - Gleedon Gladestry Quarry RIGS 1999  Gonsal Quarry - Condover RIGS 1294  Green Farm - Wentnor RIGS 1274  Grinshill Working Quarry RIGS 1999  Haughmond Hill - Shrewsbury RIGS 1028  Hergan Hill (N) BRIGS 1999  Hill Valley Quarry - Whitchurch RIGS 1999  Knowle Sands Quarry - Bridgnorth RIGS 1999  Lea - Much Wenlock RIGS 1999  Leaton Quarry - Wellington RIGS 1999  Leinthall Earls Quarry RIGS 1999  Llynclys Quarry - Oswestry RIGS 1999  Moor Farm Quarry - Eardington RIGS 1999  Morville Quarry - Bridgnorth RIGS 1399  Mucklewick Hill (SW) RIGS 1999  Myddle Quarry RIGS 838  New Hadley Brickpit RIGS 1999  Park Wood Quarry - Acton Burnell RIGS 1397  Ridge (SW) RIGS 1999  Shadwell Quarry - Much Wenlock RIGS 1999  Sleap Airfield Quarry - Wem RIGS 1999  Tern Hill Quarry - Market Drayton RIGS 1999  Underton Quarry - Bridgnorth RIGS 1999  Webscott Quarry RIGS 1999  Wood Lane - Ellesmere RIGS 925  Yell Bank - Chatwall

NERC, all rights reserved - background map supplied by the British Geological Survey.

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