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What's my Rock?

Welcome to What’s my Rock. You’ll need a few simple things to help you through this process so have them handy before you start:

  • A hand lens or magnifying glass
  • Some dilute acid (stone tile cleaner or vinegar will do)
  • A large steel needle

First off you need to know how to tell what your rock is made up of. This really helps to get an accurate picture of how your rock was made. Rocks are made up of three different kinds of bits, crystals or grains. Telling the difference between these rock-making materials is the key to successful rock identification.

What is a crystal? A crystal is something that has a definite structure. It often has shiny, light reflecting surfaces at lots of different angles. Crystals in rocks will form around each other making an interlocking pattern filling in any gaps. Crystals can be lots of different shapes, colours and sizes.

What is a grain? A grain is a recycled piece of rock, crystal or fossil. It is something that has already existed in a different form to the one that we see now.

Clicking on this picture will now help you find out what your pet rock is called!  Click here to find out about your pet rock!


What kinds of rock are found in Shropshire?

Click here to see a selection!



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