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About the Shaping of Shropshire

The Shaping of Shropshire is a project with the objectives of increasing the awareness, appeal and accessibility of geology to the broadest possible audience.



Shropshire's Geological Trail

ShropshireGeologicalTrail - Small Because of Shropshire's unique geological heritage, the county is ideally placed to tell the story of how the Earth came to be the way we see it today. A GeoTrail runs through 9 sites that illustrate key moments in time and the dramatic story that lies hidden in the rocks. Click the Map or click here to go to the Shropshire Geological Trail!

Find Out About Your Pet Rock

Rocky Tiny Find out all about your pet rock! First off you need to know how to tell what your rock is made up of. This really helps to get an accurate picture of how your rock was made. Rocks are made up of three different kinds of bits, crystals or grains. Telling the difference between these rock-making materials is the key to successful rock identification. Click the image or click here to go to the 'What's My Rock?' page.



Periods of Time

(youngest at the top)

Planet Earth: a Beginner's Guide

Dino Killer - small Scientists believe that about 15 billion years ago, something (or nothing) exploded in what they call The Big Bang. This enormous explosion hurled hot matter (atoms, elements, gases) out into the emptiness of space. Click here to find out more...

Shropshire's Top Twenty Sites

ShropshireGeologicalTrail - Small The geology of Shropshire is more varied than any other area of comparable size in Britain and possibly the rest of the world. Twenty sites have been selected to show the main geological features of Shropshire. Each displays a major phase of landscape evolution (i.e. stratigraphic period) and will give you an insight into the makings of this county and what you see as you travel around.

Click the Map or click here to see Shropshire's Top Twenty!


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