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Contact SGS & links to other relevant geology sites

Management Committee Officers

Chair (elected): Mary Steer: 01743 235 047, e-mail:  eric.steer1 @
Vice-Chair (elected): Frank Hay: 01694 724 723, e-mail: frankhay @
Secretary (elected): Verity Jackson: 01952 619 052, e-mail: jackson.verity @
(elected): Martin Carruthers: 01939 233 144, e-mail: SGS.treasurer @

Other Management Committee Members

President (honorary): Peter Toghill: 01694 722 713, e-mail: p.toghill @
elected: David de Courcy: 01952 750 362, e-mail: davedecourcy @
elected: Chris Rayner: 01952 510 463, e-mail: primrose @ and also Speaker Secretary
elected: David Pannett:  01743 850 773, e-mail: jessicapannett @ and also Field Secretary
elected: Eva Peringer:  01746 764 189, e-mail: pertam @ and also Newsletter Editor
elected: David C Smith: 01952 591 900, e-mail: davidcarlton.smith @
ex officio: (vacancy) representing the Shropshire County Curator for Natural History: 01584 813 640, email: customer.service @

Sub-Committees and Working Groups

Programme Sub-Committee: David Pannett (Chair) - contact details above
Projects Sub-Committee: Mary Steer (Chair) - contact details above
LGS (formerly RIGS) Working Group: contact details as for Projects Sub-Committee

LGS (formerly RIGS) Database:  Hosted by Shropshire County Council on their Environmental Records GIS. Public access to the sites that are on, or may be viewed from, public rights of way are displayed on LocalView, accessed by clicking here. Clicking on this link will open a new window which shows the whole county. Use the controls to change scale and location to reveal the extent of each LGS; clicking on it will reveal further details. Inspection of the full database is by prior appointment with the Environmental Records Officer, tel. 01743 252 573, e-mail: Sustainability @

Other Society Contacts

Field Secretary: David Pannett - contact details above
Newsletter Editor: Eva Peringer - contact details above
Publicity & Promotions: (vacancy)
Speaker Secretary: Chris Rayner - contact details above
Proceedings Editor: Mike Rosenbaum: e-mail: michael.s.rosenbaum @
Projects Officer: Andrew Jenkinson: 01938 820 764, e-mail: lletybach @